Blind Date with a book!

A friend of mine (she knows who she is 😉 ) once told me that when it comes to choosing a new book, she doesn’t heed age old advice, and judges a book by its cover. I have to admit I found this strange; I mean I’ve read some books in my time that had horrible covers but were excellent stories, as well as some books that had intriguing covers but ended up being horrible, sleep inducing reads. So I’m a big believer in just judging a book on what you find inside. Recently, another friend came across Blind Date with a Book, and sent it on to me through Facebook. I thought it was a great idea.

It’s run by Elizabeth Bookshops in Australia. The staff at theses outlets find books from across many different genres, wrap them in brown pair and adorn the front with a few subtle clues as to what the reader can expect if they decide to purchase. They also pick books by established authors that readers may have missed from them as well as books they feel didn’t receive as much publicity as they should.

They ship internationally, so if you fancy giving it a go, give their website a look. (Tip: Shipping costs may apply, so bare that in mind)


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