Dinner & a Movie at the g Hotel

If you’re from Galway, or ever find yourself in the city on your travels, you should definitely consider taking a trip to the g Hotel for some top class dining in one of the three signature lounges, designed by world-renowned hat designer Philip Treacy. And then why not follow it up with a movie at the Eye Cinema, which is a stones throw from the hotel entrance. The g and Eye offer a very reasonable package that is perfect for a casual get together amongst friends looking to have a catch up.

I availed of it recently myself. A very good friend of mine who is a teacher in London was home to Ireland on mid-term break, so we decided to book into the dinner/movie package for a chance to meet up and reconnect. Diners can book in for a two course option for €31 or a three course option for €37, which includes tickets for the film of your choice (prices do differ slightly on a Saturday and Sunday, so bear that in mind if you want to go on those days).


We decided to go for the two course option, for which we were seated in one of the signature lounges I mentioned above. The plush surroundings, combined with gentle lighting and the soft sound of music contribute to the relaxing atmosphere. The staff were excellent, polite and attentive to guests, but not overbearing. We decided to go for a main course and dessert.

Main course was Grilled Escallop of Chicken, served with parmesan potatoes, chorizo, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, chimichurri and a yogurt dressing. It was delicious, but I did commit a blogging sin. Between all the talk we were doing and practically inhaling the great food, I forgot to get a picture 😱. But take my word (and my friend Miriam’s) for it, it was sumptuous and cooked to perfection.


I did manage to get pictures of dessert though. I went for Apple & Cinnamon Crumble, which was served with a rum and raisin ice cream. The crumble itself was amazing, but I didn’t enjoy the rum and raisin ice cream as much, as the rum flavour was a bit over powering. Miriam had the Pick and Mix Plate, a selection of small sweet treats, including a miniature pavlova and cheesecake, amongst others, and it was presented beautifully. Both great finishers to a meal.


Once we finished, we made our way over to the Eye for a showing of The Girl on The Train, an adaptation of the hugely popular novel of the same name by Paula Hawkins. The book is sitting in a pile on my shelf at home, waiting for me to get around to reading it. Initially I had planned to read the book first and then go see it, but then things change I guess, so now I’ll just compare the film to the book when I do read it.

The film stars Emily Blunt, who is excellent as the alcoholic, down on her luck Rachel. Her performance is so believable, and you really get a sense of how broken the character has become as a result of some traumatic life experiences. We follow her as she takes the same train ever day, that stops just near the street she used to live on with her ex-husband who has since remarried. In the brief time the train stops, she gets a glimpse into the lives of a young couple, who she feels represent all that she lost: love and the promise of a bright future.

Image result for the girl on the train

Wondering about the couple becomes an obsession for Rachel. But appearances can be deceiving as we learn when we get a glimpse into the lives of not only Megan (Haley Bennett) and Scott (Luke Evans), the young couple, but also Rachel’s ex-husband Tom (Justin Theroux) and his new wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson). Then Megan goes missing, and thinking she may have seen something important on her daily trip, Rachel makes it her mission to uncover the truth behind the disappearance.

The film is great, but is not outstanding. The plot does get a little convoluted around the middle and the film almost becomes swamped by all the various stories and twists that come thick and fast, but it manages to right itself and stay on track, and has a hugely satisfying ending. Blunt as mentioned is excellent as the main character, and the other actors provide strong support. Look out in particular for Haley Bennett, who is one to watch and is on track to steal Jennifer Lawrence’s crown as Hollywood’s “it girl” of the moment.

If you read Gone Girl (which I did, probably one of the best written books I’ve ever read, so get on that if you haven’t) or saw its adaptation starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, then you will likely want to see The Girl on the Train, as they have a similar style. I’m looking forward to giving a read to the book now to see if the adaptation was a faithful one or not.

So yeah, great food followed by a great movie. What more could you ask for. Make sure you have dinner and a movie with the g Hotel and Eye Cinema on your list of things to do in Galway City. Have a great weekend ✌🏻

The Girl on the Train

Runtime: 1H 45M

Starring: Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux, Rebecca Ferguson, Luke Evans, Haley Bennett, Laura Prepon, Édgar Ramírez and Lisa Kudrow.

Verdict: 3.5/5


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