Gifts for the men in your life this Christmas.

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Well, we are into December. What a quick year that was!

Of course, now that December has arrived we can officially start embracing the Christmas spirit. Rather than having it forced down our throats since the beginning of November. And along with Christmas trees, parties and dinners, gifts for your nearest and dearest are a big part of the festive season.

When it comes to gifts, us men can be a tricky lot to buy for. So with only a few weeks left to go until Christmas Day, here is a selection of gift ideas that are sure to please the men in your life, whether you’re shopping for fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, nephews, cousins, boyfriends,husbands, or friends. And of course, not to exclude all the ladies out there, some of these may appeal to them to.

Leather Bag from Mishnóc

You can’t go wrong with a good leather bag, and Mishnóc in Galway have some of the best. I got mine in September for when I was going back to college. The shop has that unmistakable genuine leather smell when you walk in the door, and they have lots of different styles to choose from that are pretty versatile, whether you’re looking for a college bag or work bag. Mine was €130 and I love it; it looks great and has lots of space inside. You can also buy online here, and they are currently doing 40% off some select lines. Perfect gift for somebody this Christmas.

Vans 5oth Slip-On 98 Reissue Shoes

Who doesn’t love Vans? They are seriously comfy, and come in practically any style you can think of, so you never have a problem finding the perfect pair for you. Vans are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and have been re-releasing some of their most popular designs. I bought my pair early this year and I love their quirky Hawaiian themed pattern. I had the classic checkered black and white pair for ages, to the point where I had worn the soles down on them, so I had to get a new pair. These were the perfect replacement. Check them and all the other great designs on offer here.

The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin

If you’re looking for something for the readers in your life, then the Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin is an excellent choice. It is an epic, post apocalyptic story spanning decades, following the decimation of our world by terrifying vampire like creatures, after an experiment to develop an immunity boosting drug from a virus discovered in a species of bat in South America. They test it on 12 death row convicts and one orphaned 6-year-old girl, until it all goes wrong, and changes the world beyond recognition. I’ve read the first one, and a bit of the second one. All three are currently sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to dive back into them. They would make a great gift; they’re well written, and the rights to the film adaptations were snapped up by Ridley Scott before the first book had even come out, so the readers in your life would be ahead of the game before this series blows up in a few years time.

Tasty Cookbook

Image result for tasty cookbook

We’ve all seen the Tasty page on our Facebook newsfeed at some point or other. Well now you can get a customised cookbook, packed full of some of the most mouth-watering recipes that received the best reactions online. You can make the book up yourself by choosing from seven different sections such as ‘Too busy to cook’, ‘Carb lovers’ and ‘World Traveller’. Or if you, want you can just ask them to compile one randomly for you when purchasing. Perfect for the food lovers in your life this Christmas. You can order a copy here.

Tickets to see The Weeknd

Image result for the weeknd tour

I’m currently obsessed by The Weeknd’s new album, Starboy. Personal favourites at the minute are Starboy, Party Monster, Rockin’, A Lonely Night and Ordinary Life. The album alone would be a great gift, but if you want to go the extra mile, then why not get tickets to his upcoming 2017 world tour, The Legend of the Fall. Sadly, no tour dates have been announced for Ireland yet, but he is going to be in the UK for a string of dates in March on the European leg of the tour, so it could be a good excuse to take a mini weekend break away. Or maybe an extended trip to any of the other European cities he is performing in. He is also due to hit Canada and North and South America mid next year as well. Check here for tickets.

Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana

Who doesn’t love a good aftershave as a Christmas present? It’s practical and it saves you having to buy it yourself. One of my favourites is Intenso by D & G. I could try to be all pretentious and go on about ‘woody aromas’ and ‘floral accents’, but I’d only be making it up as I go along. All you need to know is that this smells unbelievable, and is guaranteed to get a few compliments over the Christmas party season. Get a few bottles for your nearest and dearest here.

Father & Sons Shirts

Nothing beats some crisp new shirts, and UK-based Father & Sons have plenty of stylish designs in various sizes and fits to choose from on their website. I recently got one and I love it; it looks great and is really comfortable (you can see it in the picture above). The company’s online presence has really grown from strength to strength this year, and they are constantly coming out with new designs. And, they have recently launched a children’s line, so you can find something for the little men in your life as well. Check out the collection here.

Debenhams Christmas Jumper

Nothing screams Christmas more than a decidedly dodgy Christmas jumper. But you can also find some that mix a bit of cheesiness and style together. Debenhams do some great designs, just like the one I have in the photo. €35 in store, but they also have more online, so check them out here. Perfect gift for somebody to wear on Christmas Day while enjoying your turkey and an excessive amount of chocolate.

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Image result for mujjo touchscreen gloves

Christmas means winter. And winter means cold. So we will no doubt be reaching for some gloves to keep freezing hands at bay. Only problem is that most gloves and smart phones don’t go well together. These great gloves from Mujjo keep you warm, stylish and connected, making them a great gift for the guys in your life. €29.95 here.

Positivity Pack

Image result for positivity pack

After the year we’ve had, it’s safe to say that everybody could use some positivity. So why not spread some with Positivity Pack, the brainchild of 18-year-old, Irish entrepreneur James Corneille. Each pack comes with five quirky items to spread the joy with. You can choose to make a one-off purchase, or if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can opt for a monthly subscription for that special someone so they receive a new pack with new items each month. And the best bit is that 10% from every purchase goes to a worthwhile charity chosen by Positivity Pack followers on Twitter. So you can treat your loved ones, and help some people in need at the same time. Check out the website here.


Admittedly, this next gift will require some tact and research before you buy. The last thing you want to do is buy it for somebody and end up offending them or it being something they have no intention of using. But if you have a man in your life who is into working out or one that wants to get fitter in 2017, it would be a really great gift. I’ve given this a go in the past; it kills, you will undoubtedly be on the floor in a puddle of sweat after each workout, but following it with the help of a healthy diet will help you see results. Plus, we all know what the gyms are like in the new year, clogged with people all trying to fulfil their new years resolutions. So why bother with all that when you can do it in the comfort of your own home. The set comes with all the discs you need and a healthy eating plan to help you get started. Get a copy here.

The Walking Dead Compendiums

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan, but I only found myself getting into the comic book series after I started watching the show on TV. I have a couple of the compendiums pictured above, and they are really great,beautifully put together, and look great on a bookshelf as well. Three have been released already and they collect all the issues from #1 to #144. I have two, and have the third one ordered, but these would be an excellent gift for the Walking Dead obsessed men of your life, especially if they have only seen the TV show and are curious how it compares to the comics. Get a couple here.

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Camera

Related image

We all have somebody in our lives who is snap happy. So why not threat them this Christmas to the super cool Snap Touch Instant Cameras from Polaroid. A 13MP camera with the ability to instantly print 2×3 full colour prints by the use of ZINK Zero Ink technology, and also save digital copies to a micro SD card to share on your various social media platforms later. Perfect for capturing great memories, and they come in a variety of colours to suit any personality. Check them out here.

X-Men Movie Collection
X-Men Collection

The superhero movie genre appears to be going from strength to strength, with no signs of slowing down. You could argue that the success it is seeing today is all down to Bryan Singer and the very first live action X-Men film released almost 17 years ago. You are sure to know someone mad about superheroes, so why not get them the complete X-Men film collection. It includes all 6 core X-Men films, as well as two Wolverine solo outings. €69 here.

Queen of The Tearling Trilogy

If you know somebody who is searching to fill the void left by The Hunger Games, this should go down a treat. Sure to appeal to readers young and old, the trilogy follows the story of Kelsey Glynn, who on her 19th birthday must claim her birthright and assume the throne as Queen of the Tearling. But danger lurks around every corner in a world fuelled by dark magic and corruption, and Kelsea must learn how to rule quickly, lest she fall victim to the power of the evil, ageless Red Queen. Gaining popularity more and more by the week, this trilogy appears to be on the cusp of becoming the next big talking point in the world of YA fiction. And, the film rights have already been snapped up, with the first film currently in development with Emma Watson attached to both produce and star. Available here.

PS4 Pro

Image result for ps4 pro ireland

The gaming enthusiasts in your life will love you forever if you gift them with the new Playstation 4 Pro this Christmas. Coming with a slew of impressive new features, such as support for virtual reality gaming and 1TB of storage for all your content, it’s a no brainer for gaming fans who may not already own a next generation gaming console. Plus, Crash Bandicoot has just gotten an upgrade and is due for release in 2017, so it would be nice to have your console ready to go when that big bag of nostalgia arrives. Check out all the bundles and offers GameStop have here.

Goodwood Revival Tickets 

Image result for goodwood revival

“In the autumn of 1998 motor racing returned to Goodwood for the first time since the closure of the famous Motor Circuit in 1966. Known as the Goodwood Revival, the event has since become one of the biggest historic motorsport events in the world and the only one to be staged entirely in period dress.” (Goodwood official website)

The perfect gift for the men in your live who love their cars and their style with a vintage twist. This takes place at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in Sussex in September 2017, so it’s a while off yet, but the excitement for it will be enough to keep your gift recipient happy this Christmas. And its a perfect excuse for a little UK break at the tail end of the summer. Check out the official website for more information and ticket prices here.

Flintoff Boots

I stumbled across these a couple of months back. They are from ex British Cricket star and TV Personality Freddie Flintoff’s collaborative clothing line with Jacamo. They combine comfort and style and are fur-lined to keep you warm this winter. I’m pretty happy with my pair, and the price of €70 was very reasonable, despite the bother in ordering them. If ordering from Ireland, they are only available from Oxendales and you have to go through the painful process of setting up an account and credit agreements with them. But it’s worth it in the end I guess, as they are nice boots. And you can always cancel after.

Denim Patch Jacket from Pull & Bear

Image result for mens patch denim jacket pull and bear

Who doesn’t love a nice denim jacket? And with this one from Pull & Bear, you can add a nice quirky touch with the various patch designs. And what’s better, is that it is currently on sale for €36.80, at 20% off on their website. Check it out here.





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