Colds, Work Placements & Interesting Reading

Evening all,

I’m smothered with cold writing this. I’ve spent the day sneezing and looking like I’m crying, my eyes are watering that much. I had flu in the first week of January as well. Kinda hoping this isn’t going to be a running theme for the year. Still, it’s nothing a giant cup of Lemsip can’t fix I reckon.

I think I’ll just put it down to college stress and not taking good enough care of myself by getting to bed earlier when I have early mornings, assignments and work to be getting on with. I would say staying up far too late is probably my worst habit, and breaking it will be a challenge as I’ve been doing it for so long, stupidly.

I’ve been sorting my CV out and making applications for journalism work placements after we finish up lectures the past couple of weeks. I think I stressed myself out more than I needed to.

If anyone happens to read this who is in the same position of applying for internships, take my advice: just do up your CV and send it. Don’t over think it. I’ve driven myself crazy the last while trying to make it amazing, and trying to anticipate what employers are looking for.

But in reality you can’t. As with anything you do in life, you can only do your best and hope for the best. So in the end I just finished it off and sent it out.

I’ve applied to a few places that would be a dream place to start a journalism career, including The Irish Times and Irish Tatler Man. I’d be happy to get any of them, so it’s just a case of playing the waiting game and seeing what happens there. Besides, I have plenty to be concentrating on in order to actually pass the course first.

Speaking of courses, I’ve also signed up for a social media marketing course online with the Shaw Academy. I hadn’t intended to do it this time last week, but I got a free course offer through Vodafone, so I thought why not? It’s best not to look a gift horse in the mouth as they say, and it’s something that is sure to compliment my Masters going forward.

Apart from that, I’ve also been trying to make a dent in a new book, The Fate of The Tearling, in my spare time. It’s the conclusion to a trilogy, and you may have seen that I reviewed the first two books on here before. If not, you can find them here and here.

If I’m honest, it’s not really grabbing me. The first book was excellent, while the second book was a bit of a let down. This third instalment is better, but it seems a bit all over the place at the moment. But I have faith that the story will pull together for a satisfying conclusion, so I’ll stick with it.

Finally for this post, I thought I’d share some interesting articles I’ve read this week online.

The first is an article by a blogger that I’ve been following recently, Jim Chapman. He has a huge online presence and he’s a contributing editor for GQ UK, so he is a huge inspiration. Here, he shares a piece about his time in Florence in Italy, which looks amazing and is definitely on the travel bucket list.

My friend Jane linked this article by Buzzfeed’s Emma Woodward on to me earlier this week and I was enthralled by it. It’s a revealing look at how Taylor Swift turned playing the victim into an art form during her 10 year career.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen? Well Empire has compiled a list of the 50 worst movies ever made, so maybe it can jog your memory. Find out how many you’ve seen here.

Here in Ireland, a big story in the news at the moment concerns our Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s St. Patrick’s Day visit to America to meet with the US President, a tradition that has been going on since the 50’s. Except this time, the President is, as we all know well by now, Donald Trump. It has inspired a lot of debate as to whether Kenny should go ahead with the visit. The Irish Times has run two articles advocating for both sides of the debate. Read them here and here.

I also stumbled across this article by Irish blogger Retro Flame. She’s talking about the notion of bloggers buying followers and why it is wrong, and also why she doesn’t compare herself to other bloggers, which I think is really important. It’s a great read.

I also found this article on Men’s Health about a survey conducted by Sleep Cupid on their website. Let’s face it, we all have a few celebs we would love to hook up with. But have you ever wondered how common your choices are? The article has some predictable enough results, as well as some that will surprise you (Donald Trump makes an appearance 😱).

This last one isn’t an article, but Mishóc are offering 10% off their products until Friday 3rd at 9pm. They specialise in quality leather goods, and I’ve picked up a couple of items from them that I love.


Have a great weekend guys ✌🏻

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