RTÉ and a Published Article

Happy Friday Everybody

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to take a trip to see the inner workings of RTÉ (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) the Irish state broadcaster. It was arranged as part of my Masters, and despite the 5.30am departure from Galway, it was great to get an insight into how a busy news room and broadcasting station works.

Do you know when people say that if you want to learn a language, the best way is to go to that country and immerse yourself in it? Well the same is true here. The theory behind it is  all well and good, but to get a real sense of how it all comes together, you have to go and see it.

We got unrestricted access to RTÉ while we were there, and that included sitting in on the morning meetings, where the various heads of each department and journalists discussed what news stories were going to be covered and what was developing. It was really interesting to watch them decide what was best to cover and what should be left out.

There were also a couple of incidences where stories and ideas were pitched and argued for. It really showed that if you think you have an interesting story that should be covered, you better come prepared and ready to argue its merits. As everything is so fast paced, and people are always striving to cover the most relevant material, if you can’t make it convincing in a short window, it probably won’t be covered.

We also got to sit in and watch the production of the News at One show. This was great because it really showed the colossal amount of effort that goes into creating just one half hour news show. People are often working right up to the last second, sourcing interviews and putting together packages.

Then in the production room itself, organised chaos is a good way of describing it, but it is clear that teamwork is key. Everybody has their own job, but are all working in tandem, and if even one of those people is not on the top of their game, the whole show could fall a part.

We also got a chance to take pictures in the studio behind the famous desk once the broadcast was finished, as you saw above. Who knows, perhaps we will be back there in the future actually presenting something. I was surprised, because you have this perception when watching the news that the studio is huge, but it is actually quite small and contained.

We also got the chance to speak to people working in the different sections of RTÉ other than news, such as entertainment, online, and documentary making. This was invaluable for getting an insight into their working day, and what working in the different areas entails.

All in all, it was a great trip, and just good to get a view of the fast paced nature of working in journalism.

Also this week, I was excited to see that an article written by me was featured in PATHE magazine in Canada. It was a piece I wrote on the incredible work being done in Thailand by Michael J. Baines, who has devoted himself to rescuing abandoned dogs. You can read it here.

The magazine had contacted me last November about using my article in there upcoming December/ January issue. Every issue they focus on a particular charity or cause, and donate a portion of proceeds to them. This particular issue was to focus on Michael, so they got in touch.

I was delighted of course to think that somebody half way across the world would want to feature something I’ve written in their magazine so I agreed straight away. Between Christmas and then settling back into college in the New Year, it had slipped out of my mind.

Then this week, the magazine contacted me and tagged the blog in a post on their FB page showing the article and encouraging people to pick up a copy as it is still on sale (so if you happen to be reading this from Canada, get cracking 😉). Excited is an understatement, as this is the first instance of me having something published outside of my blog and college newspaper.

Between my trip to RTÉ and having an article published, this week has hit home why I’m studying journalism, and increased the drive within me to keep getting better.

Finally, before I wrap up this post, I thought I’d share a few interesting articles I came across online this week.

The first is a really interesting piece by The Guyliner at GQ UK. It concerns the topic of Gaslighting, “the act of using misinformation and persuasion to make others question what they know to be true, to make them distrust their own memory and instincts, for your own gain”. Given the crazy world we live in at the moment, I don’t have to tell you why this one is interesting. Make sure you give it a look.

My friend Jane linked me on another article this week. Seriously I feel like she should write this section, she provides me with loads 😂 The article is on MSN, and it takes a look at Bella Hadid’s controversial new shoot with Nike, in which she sits on a male models knee, scantily clad while he is fully dressed. It’s definitely a discussion starter.

I stumbled across a blog called, Patjama, and was immediately drawn to this post for a Banoffee Cookies recipe. How good do they look? Definitely on the to make list.


Until next time my friends, ✌🏻

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