Life Update and The Dublin Hell Fire Club

Happy Saturday My Friends

And what a Saturday! Where the hell has this weather come from? It’s absolutely baking outside. It’s lovely to see – rather than the depressing rain – but my pale skin and fair hair are no match for the heat. So, after I spent a bit of time doing some compulsory basking in it, I decided to retreat into the shade and get back into the blogosphere.

I’ve been away for over two and a half weeks because, as some of you will likely know, I moved up to Dublin two weeks ago to start my internship with DMG Media. And I’m only now starting to feel like things are settling down a bit.

Six weeks’ placement in a media related organisation is compulsory for my Masters, so when deciding on places to apply, I knew I wanted to go to Dublin. Like any move, it’s been filled with ups and downs, but I am loving being up here.

I finished up my second week at DMG yesterday, and it was the first day where I think I haven’t felt like a complete fish out of water. I remember last week I was so nervous in my first couple of days I was constantly thinking I was going to throw up. I would say I am still finding my feet and learning the law of the land, so to speak.

DMG run the Irish Daily Mail newspaper, and, so the office is always quite busy with people coming and going, on phones, in meetings and discussing content. It can be quite intimidating when you’re the new kid on the block, and last week I kind of just sat there not knowing what to do with myself. And when you are new, you don’t what to be getting in the way when people are busy, so you kind of observe until you are needed.

Obviously, they weren’t going to be giving interns the big jobs to do straight away, but I remember feeling pretty useless in those first couple of days. But then I spoke with another intern who has been there about a month and a half, and she said that that’s the way it is at first, but then they gradually start getting you to do stuff as they get to know you more.

I’m working in the news section of the paper at the moment, and I’ve had one or two ‘news in brief’ type things printed, nothing major. I did work on a story with a couple of other interns that the editors seem happy with, and it may get a prominent placing this weekend, which is great.

Coming into the internship I didn’t think working in hard news would be for me because I like a bit of variety. But it’s been okay thus far, and it’s all great experience. Plus, everybody has been really nice, which always helps. I’d like to get some experience in the digital sites at some point as well, because that is such a big area at the moment as we know, so hopefully I can make that happen as well.

I’ve been trying to take time to wander around and explore Dublin as well, because there is plenty of places to see, things to do, and some mouth-watering places to eat. One place I visited with a few friends is The Hellfire Club in the Dublin Mountains. It’s only about a 45- minute drive outside of the city centre.

When you arrive there, you can walk the path all the way to the top, where the ruins of an old hunting lodge stand. The path itself isn’t too difficult, and it should take just over half an hour to make it to the top, so it’s perfect for hiking enthusiasts, but also those just looking for something different on a day out. Once you do get to the top, you are treated to some of the most stunning views of Dublin, especially if it’s a nice day like the one we had. So, make sure you bring your camera along to get some shots for Instagram. I’ve added a couple of snaps below that I took while up there.

The old lodge has a seriously creepy folklore attached to it as well. It was originally a meeting place for people in the Irish Hell Fire Club, before a fire pretty much gutted it and it was abandoned. The building was associated with numerous tales of debauchery and Satanism down through the centuries. It was said that the members of the club would meet and always leave one chair vacant for the Devil to join them. The mascot of the group was also said to be a black cat. Many now believe the building to be haunted, most notably by a huge black cat.

There are also numerous tales of black masses, animal sacrifices, murder and even cannibalism. Likely all to be taken with a pinch of salt, but you’d never know!

It’s free to go and see whenever you like, but if you fancy making the trip up at night and scaring the bejaysus out of yourself, Hidden Dublin offer tours costing €25 on Thursday and Friday evenings that depart from the city at 7pm. I would imagine the views at the top would be even more amazing at night. Plus, the tour also has a storyteller who will recount the history of the lodge at the top for you, so it’s a perfect activity for fans of the occult.

Make sure the Hell Fire Club is on your list if you plan a trip to Dublin.

One thought on “Life Update and The Dublin Hell Fire Club

  1. Hey Steve, between the crime lords you’ll be writing about and the spooks you’ll be running from it will make for an interesting internship up in the Capital. I’ll be watching out for your name in the big lights or in this case in big print!

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